Mission & Bylaws



The Academy of Reflection offers encouragement and instruction to Scottish Rite Masons interested in the pursuit of inner work such as meditation and silent prayer.


Scottish Rite Freemasonry is inherently holistic in its approach to the moral, social, and spiritual development of its members. It offers beautiful and inspiring ritual, profound and stimulating literature, and inner organizations for men with a great variety of callings and interests. However, despite consistent reference in our ritual and literature to the importance of meditation and prayer in Masonic life, prior to the Academy of Reflection, there was no body within the Rite specifically dedicated to these pursuits. Men with interest in inner work have been forced to seek such light elsewhere and typically in non-Masonic organizations. The Academy of Reflection therefore provides such men the opportunity to pursue contemplative interests within the rich context of the Rite’s symbolism, ritual, and literature, and to associate with brothers of like mind. The Rite in turn benefits from their increased sense of loyalty and attachment. Perhaps more importantly, the deeper insights that naturally come from inner work flow out into the Rite as a whole, enriching the experience of all Scottish Rite Masons and enhancing the Rite’s potential to assist with the transformation of their lives, their families, and their communities.


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