Membership Benefits

  • Access to the curricula of the Academy
  • Participating in the social media and social gatherings of the Academy
  • Wearing the Academy of Reflection badge at Masonic functions
  • Actively Participating in the business of the Academy

Membership Requirements

Before submitting your application for membership to the Academy, please be aware of the following requirements:

  • You must be at least a 32° Scottish Rite Mason in good standing within the Valley of Guthrie, Oklahoma. The Valley of Guthrie need not be your mother Valley. Plural affiliations from any other Valley, Orient, or Jurisdiction are acceptable.
  • You must have attended at least three (3) group sessions of contemplative practice provided by the Academy. These most often take the form of meditation sessions scheduled during the Spring and Fall Reunions. Your attendance will be verified using our records, so be sure that you sign in at each session you choose to attend.
  • You will maintain an upright character and refrain from discrimination or any other activity that would reflect poorly on the Academy, the Valley of Guthrie, the Scottish Rite, or Freemasonry in general.

Membership Application Process

Keeping the membership requirements in mind, to begin the process, download the application materials using the link provided below. Complete the Contact Information Form or provide all of the required information contained on that form in your application E-mail message. You must also include a personal statement concerning your perspectives on Freemasonry and contemplative practice and their importance to you. Please review the Personal Statement Guidelines for more information regarding the expectations for this statement. Submit all of your application materials by E-mail with the subject “Membership Application” to the Academy’s Clerk. Once the Academy’s instructors have reviewed your application, the Clerk will contact you to provide their feedback and/or decision. If your application is accepted, the Academy will arrange for your formal induction at the next available opportunity.

Membership Application Materials

You may download the application materials here in PDF format:

Membership Application