Sep 092020

As this Fall’s Guthrie Scottish Rite Reunion has been canceled, our in-person group meditations will instead be held by Zoom and NOT at the Temple. Furthermore, they will be open to anyone who registers, whether or not they are Scottish Rite Masons.

For link or additional information please contact the Clerk of the Academy of Reflection: Bro. Randy Sanders,, 636-474-6000 cell

You can also follow this event on Facebook here.

Each meditation will be led by an authorized AOR Instructor. Each session will begin with an introduction, then proceed into the guided meditation, and conclude with a period for reflective discussion. The total time for each session may vary, but will be approximately one hour. Please note these sessions will not be recorded. Participants should log into the session a few minutes early. Late log-ins are highly discouraged as they may distract other participants. Casual and comfortable attire is recommended.

The schedule correlates with the four bodies of the Scottish Rite, and is as follows (all times are CDT, or UTC -5):

Friday, Oct. 2, 8:00pm – Bro. Tom Langford leads an opening meditation on “The Double Eagle – Storm Bird and Phoenix”

Saturday, Oct. 3, 8:00am – Bro. Bob Sachs leads a Lodge of Perfection meditation on “A Cryptic Journey”

Saturday, Oct. 3, 3:00pm – Bro. Doug Russell leads a Rose Croix Chapter meditation on “The Rose and the Cross”

Sunday, Oct. 4, 8:00am – Bro. Chuck Dunning leads a Council of Kadosh meditation on “Fiat Lux! Becoming a Master of the Symbolic Lodge”

Sunday, Oct. 4, 3:00pm – Bro. Kevin Main leads a Consistory meditation on “The Celestial Sphere”