The Academy of Reflection was constituted in the See of the Valley of Guthrie, in the Orient of Oklahoma, by charter issued on Friday, September 28, 2012 and signed by:

  • Joseph R. Manning, Jr., 33º, Sovereign Grand Inspector General for the Orient of Oklahoma and active member of the Supreme Council of Southern Jurisdiction of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
  • John L. Logan, 33°, Chairman of the S.G.I.G. Advisory Conference and Personal Representative for the Sovereign Grand Inspector General in the Valley of Guthrie
  • Robert G. Davis, 33°, Grand Cross, General Secretary for the Valley of Guthrie

The Charter officers were as follows:

  • Superintendent – Charles (Chuck) R. Dunning Jr.
  • Clerk – Kevin K. Main
  • Custodian – S. Shane Pate II

The inaugural meeting of the Academy was convened on the afternoon of Sunday, January 27, 2013 in the Main Auditorium of the Valley of Guthrie. After opening remarks by the officers and dignitaries of the Orient of Oklahoma and of the Valley of Guthrie, and by the Charter Officers of the Academy of Reflection, twelve (12) of the nineteen (19) charter members were formally inducted. The first business meeting was officially called to order by the Charter Superintendent, and the bylaws of the Academy of Reflection were adopted as proposed.

Since that time, the Academy of Reflection has offered instruction in meditation and contemplative practice to the members of the Valley of Guthrie and to visiting brethren during the Spring and Fall Reunions each year.